Why choose Mobile Chiropractic Company?

-prevent & eliminates headaches & migraines

-arthritis prevention & maintenance

-neck & back pain

-decreases stress

-elevates mood

-improves performance

-increases energy

-lowers blood pressure

-improves circulation

-strengthens immune system


+many more benefits

Mobile Chiropractic Company

Mobile Chiropractic Company is a fully equipped "office on wheels" that will arive at your place of business at the scheduled time that works best for you and your employees.


Our mission is to provide constant preventative and maintenance chiropractic care. We specialize in optimizing joint mechanics and maintaining healthy ranges of motion. Many jobs use repetitive postures and motions, from sitting at the computer to working on an assembly line. Over time, this can lead to injuries that result in lost days at work, reportable injuries, and workman's compensation costs. Chiropractic is a proven method to drastically decrease and prevent these work related injuries.


We are eliminating drive time and missed time at work by offering the convenience of coming to you. After a customized treatment based on each person's specific needs, your and your employees will be back at work and feeling great!


Mobile Chiropractic Company

We offer all of the equipment necessary for complete wellness care. Patients seeking treatment at Mobile Chiropractic Company are assured of receiving only the finest quality care specific to your needs. Out doctor of chiropractic and staff have a genuine concern for the well-being of you and your business.

Payment Options

  1. Company pays all of service (Corporate Rates Available)
  2. Company pays part of service / Employee pays remainder
  3. Employee pay all of service


Mobile Chiropractic Company accepts all major credit card, HSA, and cash payment

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"the better you feel the better your work result! Bringing 'Mobile Chiropractic Cmpany' to your Iowa business will only benefit you and your team" - Dr. Jay Kitzman